Paint Tech Repairs Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


Paint Tech Repairs accepts no responsibility for unforeseen delays within the process as some wheels may take longer than standard within any given process.

Colour Matching

When applying a painted finish and lacquer our technician will match as closely as possible to the customer's request and the other wheels. An exact match may not always be possible and the finished result will be subjective. To obtain a set of wheels that match we strongly advise all four wheels are painted and lacquered at the same time. Customers should be aware that certain high gloss finishes show blemishes more easily. Should a customer request 'as new finish' or 'show wheels', additional charges will apply and be calculated on an hourly basis plus materials costs.

Diamond Cutting

The Diamond Cutting process removes layers of Lacquer & metal with a precision cut to remove most damage depending on damage depths. The amount removed is determined by the damage. Diamond Cutting, by its very nature, can change the profile of the wheel / spokes slightly so customers should be aware that a cut wheel will differ slightly to a new wheel - the more cuts that are made, the more noticeable the difference. Some wheels may not be suitable for Diamond Cutting, for example if they have had excessive cutting on previous repairs or if the design of the wheel does not allow it to be Diamond Cut. Paint Tech Repairs may not be able to determine if a wheel can be cut until the wheel has been seen. If our technicians does not think a cut is advisable, or if when cutting it becomes apparent that Diamond Cutting is not suitable, or if the cutting depth proves to be too low, we will advise the customer by phone or email immediately with a supporting photograph if necessary. We will advise the best course of action so that the customer can decide how they wish to proceed.

Paint Tech Repairs accepts no responsibility for any imperfections in the alloy after Diamond Cutting. It is important to highlight that there are varying degrees of quality in OEM and aftermarket wheels; sometimes the quality of the cut finish can only be determined after the cut.

Split Rims

Paint Tech Repairs recommends that all split rims are replaced with new bolts and new valves. If the customer chooses not to replace the split rim bolts, Paint Tecb Repairs will not offer any warranty. During the process of refurbishment, there is a possibility that bolts may get damaged, this is sometimes unavoidable. If this happens, the customer will be advised and charged accordingly for any replacement bolts or valves.

Locking Wheel Nuts

Paint Tech Repairs will not be held responsible for any damage to locking wheel nut keys or bolts. We request customers to check and ensure any locking wheel keys are supplied and where possible, locking wheel nuts/bolts should be removed by the customer. Many tyre fitters will 'over tighten' wheel bolts, if any damage occurs during removal or refitting of previously over-tightened nuts/bolts (including locking wheel nuts/bolts), Paint Tech Repairs will endeavour to remove damaged items. Any additional parts or time will be charged to the customer accordingly for this service. Paint Tech Repairs tighten all wheel nuts/bolts to the correct torques supplied by the vehicle manufacturer. Due to fresh paint and the bedding in process, Paint Tech Repairs advises all customers to re-check all wheel bolts after approximately 50 miles. If a customer is unable to check, Paint Tech Repairs will be happy to help if the customer brings the vehicle back to us via an appointment.

Where a wheel is fitted to a vehicle with a spacer, Paint Tech Repairs can’t accept any liability for the correct fitting of the wheel due to the uncertainty of the suitability of the supplied bolt lengths, their condition and the required torque settings. The use of spacers is often against the vehicle manufacturer’s recommendation and safety specifications. Fitting of wheels with spacers is entirely at the owner’s risk.

Wheel Repairs

Paint Tech Repairs reserves the right to refuse to complete the refurbishment process if they discover at any point during the process that the wheel will not, in the opinion of Paint Tech Repairs be safe. Wheels which are classed as 'very poor condition' may incur an additional charge. The customer will be contacted before any additional work is undertaken.


Paint Tech Repairs recommends the fitment of new tyre valves when undertaking the replacement/ fitment of the tyres. Rubber valves are supplied; alternative valves such as metal, chromed sleeved, hidden, or small rubber valves are available at an extra charge. Paint Tech Repairs accepts no responsibility for leaks from old valves that have been refitted at the customer's request.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS)

Paint Tech Repairs will not be held responsible for any damage caused during removal of tyre pressure sensors due to excessive corrosion or generally seized parts. If this happens, the customer will be notified and where possible Paint Tech Repairs will endeavour to source the correct parts on behalf of the customer. Paint Tech Repairs will ensure all bolt-in valves are tightened to the correct torque setting.

Some vehicles have a 'self learning' facility to code/recode removed or replaced tyre pressure sensors, whilst other vehicles need to be re-programmed through the vehicle dealership. Paint Tech Repairs will not be held responsible for coding/recoding of any tyre pressure sensors; customers must make their own arrangements for this.


Paint Tech Repairs reserves the right not to re-fit damaged, dangerous or illegal tyres. Paint Tech Repairs accept no responsibility for tyres not supplied by us, other than correct fitting.

Cleaning & Maintenance of Alloy Wheels

After Refurbishment of Alloy Wheels it is crucial the owner cleans and maintains the alloy wheels regularly to avoid brake dust contamination Buildup and Non use of any kind of Alloy Wheel Cleaners or Chemicals including TFR (Traffic Film Remover) that are Corrosive that may damage the finish of the Wheel in which Paint Tech Repairs will Not take responsibility for this and will void your Guarantee after the Refurbishment.

Unforeseen Issues

Paint Tech Repairs endeavours to refurbish alloy wheels to the best of their ability but cannot be responsible for any unforeseen problems such as poor casting, hidden cracks, excessive corrosion, buckles, previous poor repairs or previous excessive diamond cutting. These problems may only become apparent upon the removal of the existing wheel coating. If issues like these become apparent, customers will be advised about what has been detected and what can be done to proceed with an estimated cost that would apply to the additional repairs required along with how long this is likely to take. Minor issues that can be rectified with metal filler will be managed on site and may not incur any additional costs or extended refurbishment time, however extensive damage may have to be rectified by our specialist welder and straightener which will incur additional cost and time. Customers will be advised by phone or email and a response will be required for Paint Tech Repairs to proceed. Where possible photographs of the damage found will be supplied.

Collection Timescales

Vehicles/wheels will not be released until payment is made in full. Paint Tech Repairs requires customers to collect their vehicles and wheels in a reasonable time span and must either collect their wheels or make arrangements for their collection/delivery. Paint Tech Repairs can deliver wheels and vehicles by arrangement for a small fee. Vehicles and wheels not collected within agreed timescales will be subject to a storage fee. Paint Tech Repairs will endeavour to contact customers with respect to collecting their wheels; however, wheels not collected within 4 weeks of completion may be sold to recover all costs.

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